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Home has been set up by a real GCSE ICT Teacher! He’s taught ICT in three different schools for over five years, with experience of several GCSE courses and other qualifications too.

Since GCSEs are such a big deal, you deserve the best advice possible, whether you’re still deciding whether to take GCSE ICT, working on coursework or revising for the exam. This site has been set up to give you quality, useful information and point you in the right direction to find the best sites and resources to help you make your decision or get your grade.

Take a look around the site to learn more – use the search box at the top right, or search the whole web with the google box below.


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Posted by admin on 24th March 2010

New pages and a new revision topic has been growing over the last few weeks – new pages in the Hardware section, take a look.

For your second revision topic, have a look at what we’ve got on spreadsheets. It’s a really important topic that’s pretty much guaranteed to be on the exam, so make sure you read through it carefully.

Posted by admin on 3rd March 2010

Start revising now!

It’s not too early to start learning the essential topics you’ll need to pass your GCSE in ICT! The sooner you start revising the key topics, the easier it will be closer to the exam to remember what you’ve looked at.

To help you prepare for the exam, is going to highlight one topic each week until the exams are done – starting today! Why not take the challenge to spend just a few minutes each week revising now to save hours later in the year?

Your first topic is databases – a really important subject to understand because there are always questions on the exam about databases. Take a look at some of the key words and how queries work on the databases page here, then search for some more information go extend your learning.

Posted by admin on 26th February 2010

Welcome to!

The site is still being built and will continue to have loads more resources written and added. Every week you will be given a “hot topic” to learn and revise so that you will be ready for the exam in May or June.

We hope the site will be useful to you and that your preparation for your GCSE will be very rewarding. If you find the site helpful, why not follow the RSS feed or tell your friends about the site. We’ll be adding more ways to follow us very soon – keep watching!