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A question markChoosing GCSEs is a big deal – it feels like you’re signing your life away! Maybe you can’t wait to drop some subjects, but having to keep doing others for two years seems like forever! Or perhaps you really quite like all your subjects and can’t bear to give up some of them! Either way, you want to make a choice that will affect what you can do in Sixth Form or College and beyond.

So should I do GCSE ICT?

Well, that depends a lot on you. Take a look at the information below and see if that helps you make a decision.

GCSE ICT has a lot of coursework. It depends which one your school has chosen, but coursework may take 60% of the final grade you get. This is fantastic for you if you are organised, are good at remembering what you’ve been working for a few weeks, if you like big complicated projects and can set yourself a challenge. It’s also good for you if you’re not keen on exams, if you feel like the pressure of a big test makes you do worse, because you have plenty of time to complete the coursework if you work sensibly through the two years.
GCSE ICT has an exam at the end too. The learners I’ve worked with usually understand the questions and find that a lot of them seem to cover topics that seem like “general knowledge about IT.” Maybe that’s because my classes are mainly made up of people who really quite like using computers and have a good ideal about how they are used. It could also be because I encourage them to keep learning the theory through the whole course so it becomes really natural and not stressful in the exam.

What’s GCSE IT useful for anyway?

Lots of people ask if it’s worth doing GCSE IT – after all, they know how to send emails and go on google! Well, there’s a lot more to it than that! GCSE ICT makes sure that you are familiar with most of the different software that’s used in office jobs across the country. It provides you with skills that will be useful in almost any job that requires a computer – and if you ever want to be a leader in a company or run your own business, you’ll need those skills! Studying ICT also develops problem solving skills, independent learning and communication skills. It’s certainly one of the GCSEs that can be of the most use when you get a job after finishing school!

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