Posted by admin on 23rd February 2010


Depending on what exam board your teacher has chosen, your coursework will vary. Coursework is always based around projects designed to solve a problem for a realistic user. You’ll need to imagine what the user would need to do their job better and create a solution.

The software you use will depend on your teacher and which GCSE you’re doing. You may need to use a database like Microsoft Access to store and search data. Perhaps a spreadsheet will be useful to model what would happen if variables are altered – you might use Excel for that. Perhaps Desktop Publishing, Presentations or websites are more your thing – you may get a chance to show off those skills too.

The most important advice for coursework is not to get behind. You need to work from the start of September to make sure you complete each section or item that is set. I encourage my learners to make sure they get at least a mark for each section, and if they miss something, help them to catch up with after school or lunchtime support classes. Maybe your teacher will do that too – ask them.

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