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Studying for an examExams! The scariest part of the whole GCSE experience! What should I revise? What is the exam like? Am I going to totally ruin all the hard work I did in coursework?

Most of the learners I’ve worked with tell me that the exam is a bit like “general IT knowledge” – they felt like a lot of it was common sense. If you’ve got a good idea of the important programs and how to use them and you’re able to think about how using IT might affect people, you should do fine. Revision is important, but it’s much more important to have a good understanding of the ICT issues for real.

You can’t start learning the theory for the exam too soon. Ideally you’ll be looking at some each week through the whole two years. If you look at a topic and come back to it a couple of months later to revise, you will learn it much more thoroughly.

Panic Button!But what if the exam is next week?!

First of all, don’t panic! Panicking makes it harder to learn or revise or answer exam questions! Take a minute to breathe deeply – you will be fine.

Second, take a look through the list of topics on the revision page. Again, don’t panic if some of them seem totally unfamiliar – they soon will be!

Unless you really don’t have any time at all to the exam, don’t just try to read through them all in one go. It’s much better to do just one or two a day and really get it right. I’ve tried to show you which are the most important topics on the revision page, so focus on making sure the key topics are the ones you understand the best.

You need to test your knowledge, not just read. Although there aren’t any quizzes or tests on this site yet, there are loads out there on the web that will help you check your knowledge.

Find out which GCSE exam you’ll be taking. Download an practice paper to try at home as part of your revision – look on the exam papers page to find out where to get them from.

Good luck with your exam!

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