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The problem with revising for an exam is finding out what you need to know about to pass! Here’s my break-down of the most important topics. My plan is to write some information about each one, but until I’ve covered each one, use the Google search box at the bottom to find out more about each of the topics you need to revise.

Most important topics

The topics that will be on the exam every year are:

Important topics

These topics very often come up – you will certainly have several of these on your exam:

Other topics

These topics come up less often – and there are more of them. You’ll definitely see a few of these on the exam, so make sure you revise all these topics too!

  • Robotics and computer control
  • System software
  • Laws that affect ICT
  • ICT and Crime
  • ICT and Banks
  • ICT and Schools
  • ICT and Medicine
  • ICT and Libraries
  • ICT and Supermarkets
  • ICT changing how we work
  • Writing computer programs
  • Networks
  • Mobile devices

That list covers the topics you need to revise. It’s most important to get the ones at the top first, but don’t miss out the last bit, because some of those will be on the exam. You can’t afford to miss any topics, so start your research with the google box below.

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