Posted by admin on 5th May 2011

Desktop Publishing

Desktop Publishing software (we usually shorten it to DTP) allows users to create and print graphical designs with images and text. It shares all the features and formatting tools of Word Processing software┬ábut everything in a DTP program has a frame or box around it. This box makes it easy to move and resize different parts of the design. They can be grouped together to make it easier to arrange and ‘raised’ or ‘lowered’ like a stack of little bits of paper. This is called WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get.)

DTP software is used to create leaflets, posters, newsletters and booklets. All of these rely more on the design of the page than the entry of text – in fact often text will be written in a word processor and imported into the DTP program. The same goes for graphics or images – they will be created separately and imported.

There are not a lot of questions that can be asked about DTP software other than the features it should have and ideas on how to improve designs.

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