Posted by admin on 21st July 2013

Home use of ICT

sweet_homeThe first thing you need to remember when thinking about this topic is that ICT covers a lot more than just desktop or laptop computers that you might use at school. In this section that means we include all sorts of devices from smart phones and MP3 players to digital cameras and sat-nav systems to tablets, set-top boxes and blu-ray players. All these devices include hardware components that will sound familiar from other sections of the GCSE.

There are input devices like touch screens and remote controls; output devices like screens and headphones, processors that allow each device to work and storage – usually flash memory which is the same as the micro-SD cards in phones and USB memory sticks. Many of them also connect to networks, especially to the internet, often using wifi or 3G mobile connections. Each device, despite all their different purposes, are little computers.


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