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Card Systems

Smart Cards

Swipe Cards

  • Have a chip built in
  • Like staff badges at DEC
  • Students “beep in” to each lesson

Smart Card

  • Magnetic stripe
  • Like a Tesco Clubcard or hotel keycard
  • Students “swipe in” to each lesson

Swipe Card reader

ID Cards can be used for lots of things other than registration, including paying for food, photocopiers; borrowing from the library; access to rooms/gates and more. Both types are fairly cheap to buy but you do need to put readers in every classroom which can add up quickly.

Registration with these cards is ‘real-time’ – the mark is recorded on the system the precise second you arrive and scan in.

There might be some problems, though, including what would happen if you forget your card or if someone ‘borrows’ a card to sign in for another student so they can skip classes. Also, you must consider what to do if the ICT system breaks – there’s no paper to fill a register on.


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