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Paper Based Registers

register“Back in the day”, school registers were taken on paper. Each form had a book of gridded paper for a register. At
form time the teacher would make a slash mark “/” for present and write “O” or “A” for absence, “L” for late, etc.

Being on paper meant that they didn’t need any special tech and it was easy for anyone to fill out a register to make sure students were in class, but it came with some problems.

  • If a register was left on a desk anyone could change it – or it might get lost
  • Mistakes were difficult – and messy – to correct, which could make the register difficult to read
  • Statistics could only really be produced once a term as it took a really long time to do
  • If a register was taken at form time it was difficult to check that students then went to all their lessons

However, paper registers are easy to carry around – especially for a fire drill or moving to a different classroom – or for PE teachers, teaching outside.


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