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The internet is fantastic! I know I’m biased, as I’m writing a website, but it truly is! Here are some charts that tell you a little bit more about how it’s used (with stats from

Where do the world’s internet users live?

Asia has a huge population, so it’s no surprise that it’s the biggest sliceof the pie. Are you surprised at the other slices?

How many people have internet access?

It’s interesting to compare different places and how much of the population actually has internet access.

74% of North Americans have internet access

52% of Europeans have internet access

6.8% of Africans have internet access

These charts illustrate what we call the “Digital Divide” – and it happens not just between continents and countries but inside our own country. Some people can afford internet access, others cannot. This means all the good things that the internet can provide are not available to those people. jobs are harder to find, learning is more difficult, a whole world is cut off from them.

What’s really important for GCSE is to be able to think about the effect that having the internet has on people.

The internet affects communication. It allows us to instantly communicate with people thousands of miles away, on the other side of the planet, via email, IM or even VOIP – phone calls over the internet. This is fantastic for communicating with other cultures and experiences and learning from what they have done. It also makes it easy to work with companies, factories, call centres on the other side of the world.

However, it can also de-personalise communication – like sending an email instead of talking face-to-face, which may end with people feeling isolated and disconnected from the community around them.

The internet affects leisure as well – from games to online communities. You can read the news, watch videos, play games, meet people in chat rooms, all sorts! There are some people who have become so addicted to leisure activities that they need counselling to get over it, so be careful!

The internet is also home to some more unpleasant things. Cyber-bullying, offensive material, criminal activity and maybe just inaccurate information are all out there. It’s important that you know to look out for these things and what you should do if it affects you.

There’s loads more to find out about the internet – how it works, hardware needed, ISPs and security. See what else you can find out, starting by clicking for some ideas of where to start.

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